Mooses I'm Fragile
i'm Alexa, i go to SPHS, April 28th

I feel terrible :( but I’m legit SO feeling fed up with one of my best friends. Like, she constantly brings me down, and I seriously do mean constantly. Like. Ugh. She makes everything into a competition & no, that is NOT what friendship is about. And not only that but she ALWAYS talks behind my back and tells people the things I tell her TO NOT SAY TO ANYONE. Idk, lord help.

You guys don’t understand me when I say this, but I am SERIOUSLY the ugly friend.


boys moaning is basically the hottest thing a guy can do besides give you neck kisses

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I am such an embarrassment

Okay, so there’s this REALLY cute Bosco go who is on the Europe trip and he is literally so cute.

And it’s so weird, but every boy I find attractive is left handed. And I seriously do mean EVERY SINGLE ONE. Which is really weird.

So this is what happened…

*me, my best friend, & 3 Bosco boys were sitting together on the floor and that cute one was there*
me to cute boy: you’re left handed. I’m right, right?
Cute boy: UHHHHHM WHAAAAT?! How did you know….

ANYWHO. I felt so awkward because I can like pinpoint left handed (only) boys (who I’m attracted to).

It was so funny. Idk. I just get this weird vibe from cute left handed boys. He probably thinks I’m a creep now. Awww boo hoo poor alexa ray


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